Watch this Wallspace: a public gallery for everyone. Transforming an unloved space overlooking a car park by the sea in Sidmouth. The billboard is a platform to grow confidence, share ideas and create interest. A community space: intriguing, fun and curious.

  • How Are You Feeling?

    Every SSA project is about learning, finding out what matters and building self confidence: core for our health and wellbeing. Art, music, poetry, film - whatever the form, nurturing creativity is key for Young People.

  • The Tree on The Hill

    A lone tree on a hill photographed during the Spring Covid lockdown of 2020, Devon, England. Robert Darch is a British artist-photographer based in the South West of England.

  • Sidmouth - A Sense of Place

    A people and place based project in collaboration with artist photographer Robert Darch, teaching and mentoring local photographers to develop their own projects and artworks.

  • Fragments of Sidmouth

    This sequence of images reveals vignettes of some of Sidmouth’s buildings; they appeal to the photographer for their graphic qualities. Some are decorative, some less so; but between them it is to be hoped that you will see something of Sidmouth.

  • Daydreaming

    Who hasn’t sat looking out of a window daydreaming and found themselves transported to a special time and place? This image draws you in just as if you were looking through a window to discover fond memories. Happy daydreaming!

  • Another Sidmouth

    Our Sidmouth is not the only Sidmouth. There is another Sidmouth in Tasmania, Australia. This other Sidmouth is rather smaller than ours; just a truck stop and not much else.

  • Trees In Art

    Sidmouth has an amazing treescape and the UK's only Civic Arboretum. Trees are a symbol of life. Like landscapes they provide an opportunity in art not only to observe, but also to imagine.

  • Nature Overcomes/Kelp Our Oceans...

    In this artwork The Kraken rides in from Sidmouth beach over a sea of bird head chaos, rising its tentacles up high into spiral wave shapes representing the power of the ocean.