Artists: Anna Brewster, Cherry Ferris, Penny Gatrill-Smith, David Gatrill-Smith, Barbara Green, Caitlin Hennessy, Rebecca Lockyear and Trixie Walker.
18th April - 20th May, 2022

Trees In Art

Sidmouth has an amazing treescape and the UK's only Civic Arboretum. Trees are a symbol of life. Like landscapes they provide an opportunity in art not only to observe, but also to imagine.

Trees in Art collaboratively captures our trees, symbolising growth, seasonality and strength, reminding us of their beauty and importance to our lives reducing carbon and providing us with oxygen.

This project was a cooperation between the artists and Sidmouth Arboretum to create a celebration of trees in the Queen's Platinum Jubilee year. This "palette of artists" share perspectives whether spiritual, environmental or emotional through colour, technique and tone. Their personal interpretations of the flora and fauna around us are captured in a variety of styles; observational, mythical, abstract and surreal. Each image in the artwork can be identified by species and place using the What 3 Words App enabling the viewer to see the trees for themselves in their natural setting.

The trees featured:What 3 Words (location)
Monterey Pinezoom.insert.export. and orange.pages.goals.
Horse Chestnutdoll.paper.prop.
Corsican PineThe Byes Riverside Park
Beech & Norway Maplespare.calculating.poem.
Common LimeThe Byes Riverside Park
Cedar of
LindenThe Byes Riverside Park
Cabbage PalmsThe Byes Riverside Park