3rd November, 2022 - 3rd January, 2023

Respect Sidmouth's Sea

As the season lurches inevitably into winter, the exhibition of this artwork is timely. The black and white images and the wild weather portrayed in this photographic collage combine to communicate a sense of respect for the sea.

At rest, the tranquil sea calms our mood. When rough, its mighty energy demands our respect through seeing its power. The sea does not discriminate; in all weathers and at all states of time and tide, to the sea everyone is equal, so don’t cross it. Use the sea to connect with nature, enjoy it, embrace it, be uplifted by it but above all respect it.
Paul Newman

The composition includes Sidmouth's rock groynes that offer some protection from the sea to the town, the iconic stairway of Jacob's Ladder and "Alma", the Sidmouth Lifeboat mannequin, out in all weathers, with their collection bucket.

Capturing and connecting with the natural world to record the beautiful Devon coast and countryside is the photographer's focus. The image on the billboard is an amalgamation of different shots at different times.

Originally from Beer and now in his 60’s, Paul is based in Branscombe. Having only taken up a camera 8 years ago, the influence of his career as Royal Naval helicopter air crew flying search and rescue missions, is clear in this artwork.

Videography Seb Fitzhenry @fitz_seb