Artist: Jennifer Bennett
4th January - 21st March, 2023

Reminding Myself

The winter seascape can often be more beautiful than expected. The artist here is responding to the desire to recreate the feelings, colours and textures experienced when standing in front of the sea.

With the rain passing, the weather moving across the horizon and an expressive colour palette, it evokes the dramatic winter waves.
Jen is a contemporary artist with a degree in fine art who lives in Sidmouth. Working as a painter and printmaker, she also inspires local young people through her role as a secondary level Art teacher.

This piece was painted in acrylic paints with mixed media and collage layers on canvas. A semi abstract artwork created by building thin layers of colour, collage and surface texture with found objects, words and map fragments, adding to the memory of being in a specific place and time.

A moment that you want to remember but has now gone. An homage to nature and that feeling of awe you can get feeling so small amongst the elements.
Jennifer Bennett

Additional thanks to photographers Sarah Hall and Mike Hawkridge for supporting this project.

Video by Seb Fitzhenry