Coordinating Artist: Maureen Hawkridge with U3A (University of the Third Age) Exploring Art members and Sidmouth and District Guides
22nd March - 9th June, 2023

Our Town

This colourful abstract work captures Sidmouth at a moment in time presenting many of its quirky and decorative architectural styles and the iconic seafront. The artists interpretations of their own homes and careful placement of them, evokes a sense of pride and belonging.

This celebration of the unique qualities of our town, with its charming buildings from different times in the history of Sidmouth is interleaved with an abundance of lawns, trees and gardens both public and private.

The viewer is drawn in to keep discovering the incredible detail and personal touches. The overall collective montage honours what is special and unique about Sidmouth.

Our Town - a celebration of Sidmouth. A film short about the making of the artwork. Videographer: Seb Fitzhenry. Photographer: Sarah Hall

Coordinating Artist Maureen Hawkridge led the collaboration of 60 people, the youngest being 5 and the oldest 85, who created a total of 234 individual artworks which were collaged together digitally to create the final piece.

Maureen now retired, studied Painting and Sculpture at Leeds College of Art, and Education at Bristol University and taught for many years, runs the Exploring Art group within Sidmouth U3A.

Artist credits for Exploring Art members: Linda Baker 71, Marlene Butler, 73 Anne Chapman 62, Linda Funnell 73, Maureen Hawkridge 75, Sue Maynard 80, Chris Powell 73, Martin Scott 65, Caroline Stanley 78, Jeff Turner 77, Jenny Underhill 75, Luc Vandamme 72. Additional Artworks by U3A members and Sidmouth and District Guides: Alan 73, Alice 10, Amelia 6, Amelie 6, Anna 8, Annabel 9, Anya 7, Ava 9, Beatrix 6, Belle 7, Chris 72, Christine 75, Edie 10, Eliza 6, Eliza 7, Ella-Rose 6, Emily 5, Emily 8, Emme 8, Eva 5, Eva 6, Isabella 7, Isabelle 8, Isla 9, Jean 75, Jim 80, Katherine 85, Kobie 14, Lilly 6, Lily 9, Lynne 74, Martin 67, Mike 73, Molly 9, Nina 13, Olivia 10, Olivia 9, Polly 6, Rebekah 65, Rose 5, Rose 9, Rosie 8, Scarlett 9, Sylke 74, Tashi 71, Tereza 6, Yasmin 14, Zena.

Photo Credit: Mike Hawkridge