2nd December, 2021 - 1st March, 2022

Fragments of Sidmouth

This sequence of images reveals vignettes of some of Sidmouth’s buildings; they appeal to the photographer for their graphic qualities. Some are decorative, some less so; but between them it is to be hoped that you will see something of Sidmouth.

Look around you and everywhere in the built environment there is architecture. Photographing architecture is a voyage of discovery full of fascinating shapes and forms. The more you look, the more you see.
Mike Hawkridge

This artwork in black and white, where the distracting colours are gone, allows the viewer to concentrate on the shapes, lines and patterns of the builder’s materials and the architect's designs.

Noticing the place from another's perspective, literally a different 'lens', takes you on a journey.

Can you spot the building?
11Fortfield Terrace
12Sidmouth Swimming Pool
13Cotmaton Road
14Sidmouth Cemetery Chapel
15Knowle Drive
16St John's School
17Connaught Gardens Clock Tower
18Coburg Terrace
19The Victoria Hotel
21The Old Station Buildings
22The Beacon
23The Masonic Hall
24Curzon House
25Beach House
26The Beacon
27The back of Boots Shop
28Sidmouth Cemetery Chapel
29Kennaway House
31The Drill Hall
32Vicarage Road
33The Old Post Office Building
34The Royal Mail Delivery Office
35The Radway Cinema
36Sidmouth Old Dissenting Meeting House
37Sidmouth Cemetery Chapel
38Marino Lodge
39Connaught View
41The Church of Most Precious Blood
42Lloyds Bank
43The Drill Hall
44The Byes Toll-House
45The Market Place
46Beach House
47The Knowle
48The Royal York and Faulkner Hotel
49The Telephone Exchange