Photographer: Harriet Morris LRPS.
2nd March - 15th March, 2022


Who hasn’t sat looking out of a window daydreaming and found themselves transported to a special time and place? This image draws you in just as if you were looking through a window to discover fond memories. Happy daydreaming!

This artwork represents the idea that our sense of place is constructed from our experiences and memories of that place. Our memories become less clear as time goes by, especially if we have visited a place many times over the years. Our sense of that place becomes an amalgamation of those memories and experiences which form the whole view.

You can walk along Sidmouth seafront one week and then the next, the activities will be the same but the people different and this is shared through the generations too. There is a timeless universality to the experiences and memories which form a sense of place in this image.

The image is a multi-layered piece of work inspired by some of the stories visitors to Sidmouth have shared with the artist photographer. It uses a sequence of black and white, slightly unsharp images to form a representation of Sidmouth’s seafront as a whole. All viewed through a window representative of our mind’s eye, a view that will be different for everyone.

This piece is part of a collaborative project with Sidmouth Photographic Club focusing on people and place, mentored by artist-photographer Robert Darch.