Upside down image of Sidmouth in Tasmania Another Sidmouth - David Shrigley (Photograph by Loic Le Guilly)
16th March - 17th April, 2022

Another Sidmouth

Our Sidmouth is not the only Sidmouth. There is another Sidmouth in Tasmania, Australia. This other Sidmouth is rather smaller than ours; just a truck stop and not much else.

Artist David Shrigley OBE is a British visual artist. He studied at Glasgow School of Art and now lives locally and is best known for his drawings: often witty, funny, sarcastic, in tune observations about life and the universe that help to make us feel better. David’s work is sometimes satirical, conversational and conceptual, using a variety of media including sculpture, animation, music, painting and photography with which he engages with the viewer enabling new and different perspectives and connections to occur.

David Shrigley talks about Another Sidmouth and Sidmouth Wallspace.