• A Sidmouth Map by Artist Emma Molony
  • One of the screen print layers showing connections of A Sidmouth Map by artist printmaker Emma Molony One of the 12 screen print layers that make up the artwork
  • One of the screen print layers of A Sidmouth Map by artist printmaker Emma Molony Another of the screen print layers showing connection points and cultural organisations
9th June - 4th August, 2023

A Sidmouth Map

This abstract artwork produced through a 12-layer screen print process presents Sidmouth’s rich and developing art and cultural scene. The colours and shapes with a complex web of interconnected lines creates a beautiful, intriguing image in its own right.

A Sidmouth Map at Sidmouth Wallspace gallery Photos: Sarah Hall

At the start of 2022 Sidmouth School of Art commissioned artist printmaker Emma to explore the diversity of art, conservation and cultural organisations and spaces which make up some of Sidmouth’s cultural life – to celebrate it and inspire future collaborations. Emma’s original screen print artwork was digitalised for display by Sam Eyre.

Over 40 conversations fed into the community research with the information plotted and overlayed with each screen print layer to build a rich cultural community picture.  

This was such an exciting and challenging commission. The map isn't exhaustive, I'm sure I've missed things and it will also constantly evolve.  

Emma Molony

Watch our film A Sidmouth Map Videography: Seb Fitzhenry
David Shrigley, Emma Molony, Louise Cole, Coco Hodgkinson in front of A Sidmouth Map, Wallspace billboard Artist Emma Molony with Sidmouth School of Art