Watch this Wallspace: a public gallery for everyone. Transforming an unloved space overlooking a car park by the sea in Sidmouth. The billboard is a platform to grow confidence, share ideas and create interest. A community space: intriguing, fun and curious.

    • On display

    Quiet Morning on the River Axe

    10th June - 22nd July, 2024

    The artwork depicts the tranquillity of the River Axe looking towards the wetlands. It captures the peacefulness of nature that characterises so many scenes along the East Devon coast.

  • Sidmouth Beauty Spots

    2nd April - 10th May, 2024

    Both the picture postcard and the cosmetic beauty spot are aspects of another time, this new Sidmouth postcard unites them as a form of cultural refreshment.  Drawing on the familiar picturesque sea views postcard style, the image is punctuated with small black beauty spots of differing sizes that may refer to the small black spots once penciled on women’s faces to draw the attention.

  • Priceless

    1st February - 2nd April, 2024

    This black and white printed barcode across the world is a powerful representational image. The image represents Earth's biodiversity at risk from human activities that put profit over our planet. Highlighting the relationship between the natural environment and humans and the need for activism to halt the decline.

  • Celebrating Volunteers

    6th December, 2023 - 31st January, 2024

    Volunteers are the backbone of the community, often unsung people of all ages who make a big difference to the lives of others. This colourful abstract digital collage, by Sidmouth based artist Tara Greifenberg, brings together a series of individual artworks created by community members, many of them volunteers themselves.

  • Sidmouth Fungi

    10th October - 5th December, 2023

    A Wallspace by Bob Reynolds celebrating mycology and the diversity of fungi in and around Sidmouth.

  • Holiday Makers of Sidmouth

    5th August - 10th October, 2023

    Mischievous and funny, Wilfrid Wood's Wallspace (and sculpture) bring character-rich observations of holiday makers in Sidmouth, enjoying the seaside life of beach, ice-creams and chip-eating seagulls.

  • A Sidmouth Map

    9th June - 4th August, 2023

    This abstract artwork produced through a 12-layer screen print process presents Sidmouth’s rich and developing art and cultural scene. The colours and shapes with a complex web of interconnected lines creates a beautiful, intriguing image in its own right.

  • Our Town

    22nd March - 9th June, 2023

    This colourful abstract work captures Sidmouth at a moment in time presenting many of its quirky and decorative architectural styles and the iconic seafront. The artists interpretations of their own homes and careful placement of them, evokes a sense of pride and belonging.

  • Reminding Myself

    4th January - 21st March, 2023

    The winter seascape can often be more beautiful than expected. The artist here is responding to the desire to recreate the feelings, colours and textures experienced when standing in front of the sea.

  • Respect Sidmouth's Sea

    3rd November, 2022 - 3rd January, 2023

    As the season lurches inevitably into winter, the exhibition of this artwork is timely. The black and white images and the wild weather portrayed in this photographic collage combine to communicate a sense of respect for the sea.

  • Sense Of Place

    6th August - 2nd November, 2022

    This project came about just after the lockdown laws eased and people started coming to Sidmouth to enjoy the sea. The backdrop is the shelter on Sidmouth’s esplanade. It captures a sense of Sidmouth and celebrates the variety of people who come to admire the view, take stock, connect with friends and family.

  • Nature Overcomes/Kelp Our Oceans...

    21st May - 3rd November, 2022

    In this artwork The Kraken rides in from Sidmouth beach over a sea of bird head chaos, rising its tentacles up high into spiral wave shapes representing the power of the ocean.

  • Trees In Art

    18th April - 20th May, 2022

    Sidmouth has an amazing treescape and the UK's only Civic Arboretum. Trees are a symbol of life. Like landscapes they provide an opportunity in art not only to observe, but also to imagine.

  • Another Sidmouth

    16th March - 17th April, 2022

    Our Sidmouth is not the only Sidmouth. There is another Sidmouth in Tasmania, Australia. This other Sidmouth is rather smaller than ours; just a truck stop and not much else.

  • Daydreaming

    2nd March - 15th March, 2022

    Who hasn’t sat looking out of a window daydreaming and found themselves transported to a special time and place? This image draws you in just as if you were looking through a window to discover fond memories. Happy daydreaming!

  • Fragments of Sidmouth

    2nd December, 2021 - 1st March, 2022

    This sequence of images reveals vignettes of some of Sidmouth’s buildings; they appeal to the photographer for their graphic qualities. Some are decorative, some less so; but between them it is to be hoped that you will see something of Sidmouth.

  • The Tree on The Hill

    11th November - 1st December, 2021

    A lone tree on a hill was the subject of this photographic wallspace artwork, captured in the Spring of 2020 during the first Covid lockdown. Robert Darch, a British artist-photographer based in the South West of England, creates work that is motivated by place and perception.

  • How Are You Feeling?

    22nd October - 10th November, 2021

    All our projects are about learning, finding out what matters and building self-confidence: core for health and wellbeing. Art, music, poetry, film - whatever the medium or form, nurturing creativity is our focus for young people in our community.