• Image of the clamship art installation parading through streets of Sidmouth The Clamship parading through the streets of Sidmouth
  • Image of the Clamship from the front driving through Sidmouth The Clamship drives
  • Image of the Clamship as Dj venue at Sea fest with lights The Clamship Dj Venue

The Clamship

The Clamship is an art installation, DJ venue and creative marine conversation space.  Created for Sidmouth Sea Fest and now embarking on a journey to other gigs, the vessel is an interpretation of a clam, a bi-valve mollusc, a sustainable ecosytem water cleaning filtration system.  A fitting example of nature looking after nature which provides a powerful reminder of how humans should act.

We are as Old as Oceans. Our World is scored upon our shells. We are Coast-liners, Our living is made between the tide mark and the cliff. We are ancients.”
Puck Webber

This multi-use kinetic sculpture has been made entirely from found materials

Up-cycled resources crafted into a multi-sensory event and arts space

Harnessing all disciplines of the arts the Clamship creatively engages people of all ages

Through creative conversations we are particularly inspiring the interest and talent of young people and female DJs

A platform to think, perform, write, create, dance, share and act on some of the issues facing our marine ecosystem

Through these multifarious arts practices we are awakening everyone to take action to protect our oceans

The Clamship with Mermaid
Upcycling two boats and a truck