Sidmouth College students exploring old and new print techniques Joy of discovery - exploring what works and what doesn't

CODEX - Digital and Print Project

The CODEX Project is a collaboration with Sidmouth College students and Sidmouth School of Art.  Traditional and digital forms combine innovatively to express identity. The project takes inspiration from 'The Thamesmead Codex' by artist Bob & Roberta Smith and explores a range of techniques and processes including digital print, typography, photography and experimental printing using gelli plates.

CODEX is being led by two artists who specialise in print and digital art combining their practices to pilot this innovative approach with young people.  Through skills based workshops which start by exploring identity, personal journeys and emotional wellbeing, a curious journey embarks.  It is by experimenting with a variety of traditional and digital processes and working out what works and what doesn't, confidence is built and permission given to take risks as part of the creative process to develop a series of new artworks.  

Emma Molony Printmaker and Artist and Teacher Sam Eyre, also SWIFT South West Institute For Teaching Community Network Lead for Art and Design, are collaborating to deliver a series of workshops for secondary school students.  

Art can be a vehicle to express personal, social and cultural identity. Exploring self through different forms can be a powerful tool to see new things, make new connections, communicate thoughts and feelings, foster understanding and be transformative. This project is timely, as young people are faced with change and challenges to their wellbeing and finding meaning and value in today's society.

The work produces will be exhibited on Sidmouth Wallspace and in our Telephone Box Micro Museums in the autumn of 2024 giving "voice" to young people of Sidmouth and an opportunity to see their thought provoking work on public display. The project itself is a pilot which Sidmouth School of Art are hoping to extend to teachers and young people throughout Devon.

Photography, portraiture, colour, nature - an exploratory journey

I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way—things I had no words for.
Georgia O’Keeffe
Art is not what you see, but what you make others see
Edgar Degas
Thamesmead Codex Tate Modern, 2022 

Emma Molony

Artist Print Maker

Emma is an artist printmaker in Devon and Project Officer at Double Elephant Print Workshop in Exeter. Her practice involves combining printmaking with interdisciplinary art forms usually in a site specific context. Emma has undertaken residencies at The Art Room in Oxford, Axminster Heritage Centre, Preston Manor in Brighton and Kensington Palace. 

Sam Eyre


Sam is an inspirational art educationalist, lead practioner art, design and digital media at Coombeshead Academy and artist who goes by the name of Same Year.