Artist David Shrigley "Another Sidmouth"

Sponsor a Wallspace

Each Wallspace showcases new artwork that brings people together across our community - the work of over 100 local artists have already featured on our billboard by the sea.

Artworks are directly commissioned from artists. This is either the result of a participatory process with an existing group or bringing together a new group for the first time.

Our Wallspace learning model is designed to mentor people to develop their creativity, learn new skills, experiment with new mediums and build confidence.

Costs vary depending on the artwork involved and each Wallspace print and installation costs £780.

We really on grants and donations to support our work. So, if you would like to support a Wallspace project and be part of a community billboard, we would love to hear from you - get in touch at

It's amazing to see my work exhibited in my community at such scale
Artist Jen Bennet "Reminding Myself"