Who's who

Meet the movers and shakers of Sidmouth School of Art

David Shrigley

Artist (Founding Trustee)

Studied at Glasgow School of Art, best known for his drawings: often witty, funny, sarcastic, in tune observations about life and the universe that help to make us feel better. His sculpture Really Good was installed on Trafalgar Square's Fourth plinth 2016-2018. David received an OBE in 2020.

Louise Cole

Development Director (Founding Trustee)

Ideas and solutions person, who usually finds a way to realise an ambition. Loves working with people to find their strengths and create new collaborations. Good at the strategy and management stuff, direction of travel and planning how to get there. 

Coco Hodgkinson

Artistic Director (Founding Trustee)

Creative and a maker. A community artist, excels at helping others to have a go and create. Talented at "seeing" what might work and how to get there. Coco shapes the creative side of our projects and liaises with the artists.

Ian Barlow

Entrepreneur (Founding Trustee)

Pounces on new ideas with energy and passion to make a difference. Balances risk with business minded innovation and gives and takes a challenge. Ian has an eye for fundraising.

Sam Eyre


Sam is an inspirational art educationalist, lead practioner art, design and digital media at Coombeshead Academy and artist who goes by the name of Same Year.

The talented, multiskilled creative team behind Sidmouth School of Art:

Peter McCaughey


Peter is the Lead Artist of WAVEParticle in Glasgow.  Peter brings amazing experience from his innovative work in public art and regeneration.  As a mentor to SSA he challenges and stretches our thinking.

Mike Hawkridge

Tech specs & intellectual property

Photographer inspired by architecture and abstract who is a leading light in Sidmouth Photographic Club. Mike's work has featured in the Wallspace artwork, Fragments of Sidmouth.

Glenn Sturgess


Creative copywriter who has worked for some of the world's biggest brands, design agencies and not-for-profit organisations.

Jonny Kates

Digital Designer

Freelance web developer, creative designer and digital consultant.

Sarah Hall


Award-winning photographer who won Portrait of Britain in 2021, Sarah is renowned for portraiture, weddings, special events and capturing moments in time as featured in the Wallspace artwork, Sense of Place.

Seb Fitzhenry


Seb is a local videographer with a passion for Sidmouth whose narrative film work helps to tell the story of our projects.  He has a wide ranging portfolio making music videos, commercials and short form documentaries.

Tara Greifenberg

Marketing & Campaigns

Tara studied theatre and art in Exeter and later film & TV in London.  She lives in Sidmouth and works as a photographer, videographer and mixed media artist for campaigns and branding.

Simon Vacher

Director of Photography & Videography

Simon is a filmmaker whose vision for storytelling through film is exceptional. He brings worldwide experience as a professional camera operator and video editor in broadcast television - current affairs, documentary and sport, corporate video production and commercials.

Jess Green

Social Media Design Creative

Jess a final year undergraduate at Leeds Arts University, grew up in Sidmouth and is putting her recent learning into practice supporting design work and development of our social media channels. Jess specialises in illustration, branding and design.