Vision and mission

Our vision is to make Sidmouth the artwork

Our mission is to increase participation in arts and culture through opportunities to collaborate, create and make art.

Building our connections with local and international artists, we inspire and engage through a kaleidoscope of art, creativity and imagination – open to everyone.

By creating and learning together, Sidmouth School of Art supports people’s health, happiness and wellbeing.

Our aims 

To achieve our vision and mission, we will:

  • Use art to connect our community in ways that improve health, happiness and wellbeing

  • Provide opportunities to participate in art so inspiring people to explore their creative selves

  • Increase access to art so enabling different generations and people of all abilities to engage and collaborate with each other

  • Act local and think global by building our community’s connections with artists, supporters and like-minded organisations everywhere

  • Strive to create ambitious, unique and collaborative projects that are also a springboard for future projects so enabling lifelong learning

  • Make Sidmouth the artwork by using a variety of spaces and a constellation of activities outside the traditional domain of museums and galleries

Participation is a powerful act. Just showing up can make us feel happier, healthier and more connected. And creative collaboration positively influences mental health by building confidence, self-belief and a sense of belonging.

As a community-led, local charity, Sidmouth School of Art is committed to increasing engagement in culture and the arts. We do this through a constellation of cultural activities that increase access to creative exploration and expression.

These give more people greater opportunity to develop their talents, to inspire young people to explore their creativity and to embrace lifelong learning.

Our concept of school goes beyond tradition and convention – we make art happen in alternative places and spaces, from beaches and billboards to telephone boxes and sheds.
Unconventional school. Unconstrained art. Unleashed by creativity.

Sidmouth School of Art is committed to provide a high quality service and to listen to all feedback and learn from it.

Our Complaints or Compliments Policy and Procedure is available to ensure that it is easy for anyone to make a complaint or provide positive feedback and that we are able to respond quickly.  Please email with any feedback and/or to request our policy.