Art is about discovering what something means to you and expressing what you think and feel.
David Shrigley, Co-founder

Sidmouth School of Art (SSA) is about art and creativity everywhere and in everyone.

Our concept of ‘school’ is lifelong; a journey to discover hidden talents through new experiences - taking part in making art or enjoying the benefits of art around us.

We are nurturing creativity, health and wellbeing through art.

Through developing collaborations – we create opportunities to flourish and realise our creative selves.

SSA is where people, places and spaces can connect through art to be curious, creative and happier.

David Shrigley viewing How Are You Feeling
Photo: Sarah Hall

The beautiful coastal town of Sidmouth provides the perfect place to inspire, and have fun through art.

SSA builds confidence where sometimes it can be curtailed through pressures to be creative in a certain way.

Or where not fitting the ‘usual routes’ to be 'arty' can prevent us finding out what we can 'do' or 'get' from art.

SSA is about discovering the wellbeing power of art and culture.

Sidmouth Beach, paddle boarders on calm water with onlookers in blue beach chairs
Sidmouth beach - families on the beach with tide out and rock groyne to the left, all doing different things - swimming, sitting, paddling.
Photos: Sidmouth, Devon, England, 2020 © Martin Parr / Magnum Photos

Our art projects and collaborative cultural opportunities are designed for people, especially young people - to flourish.

SSA explores beyond the usual boundaries, allows the process to be organic and encourages having fun along the way.

Developing the art and cultural possibilities of Sidmouth can have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of the community and those who visit.

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  • David Shrigley
    David Shrigley Artist

    Studied at Glasgow School of Art, best known for his drawings: often witty, funny, sarcastic, in tune observations about life and the universe that help to make us feel better.

  • Louise Cole
    Louise Cole Development Director

    Ideas and solutions person, who usually finds a way to realise an ambition. Loves working with people to find their strengths. Good at the management stuff.

  • Coco Hodgkinson
    Coco Hodgkinson Artistic Director

    Creative and a maker. A community artist, excels at helping others to have a go and create. Talented at "seeing" what might work and how to get there.

  • Ian Barlow
    Ian Barlow Entrepreneur

    Pounces on new ideas with energy and passion to make a difference. Balances risk with business minded innovation and gives and takes a challenge.